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The role of the Debian ftpmasters

The role of the Debian ftpmasters

Posted Apr 7, 2010 8:47 UTC (Wed) by pabs (subscriber, #43278)
In reply to: The role of the Debian ftpmasters by mikov
Parent article: The role of the Debian ftpmasters

Since many of your computers run Debian, I assume you also run rc-alert, wnpp-alert, manpage-alert and grep-excuses (from the devscripts) package to find out which packages you rely on need help? (yes, Debian needs help, your help).

To answer your age question, Debian is getting older, we have parents and even grandparents IIRC. I looked at LDAP (includes current members and ex-members) and the disclosed birth dates range from 1926 to 2009. I'm assuming the 5 listing dates from 2006-2009 are either mistakes or misinformation. The latest before 2006 is 1990. Out of 1649 DDs/ex-DDs, 541 have a listed birth date. I'm too lazy and beerified right now to graph it and look at the distribution, perhaps I will do so later today.

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