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Git-based backup with bup

Git-based backup with bup

Posted Apr 1, 2010 6:59 UTC (Thu) by sitaram (guest, #5959)
Parent article: Git-based backup with bup

rolling checksums are like rsync, so I'm wondering how much space saving this has over rdiff-backup? rdiff-backup does have a "delete older than" option, which I use regularly, and it has become my backup scheme of choice.

Bup's par2-based checking is nice, and I'm a git freak but I think a howto type article that shows all of bup's strengths (with actual commands) would be nice.

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Git-based backup with bup

Posted Apr 1, 2010 12:29 UTC (Thu) by Darkmere (subscriber, #53695) [Link]

Rdiff-backup has a _severe_ flaw in that if the latest part of the backup is corrupted, you lose the whole history.

Noticed that the painful way myself.

Git-based backup with bup

Posted Apr 1, 2010 15:57 UTC (Thu) by sitaram (guest, #5959) [Link]

Without par2, bup has similar problems. And if you were tempted by the dedup promise and backed up lots of *machines*, they're potentially all gone.

I saw on their mailing list archive that that is why they started par2 support. Nice. But my question was specific to space only.

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