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Applications and bundled libraries

Applications and bundled libraries

Posted Mar 31, 2010 6:30 UTC (Wed) by oblio (guest, #33465)
In reply to: Applications and bundled libraries by dbruce
Parent article: Applications and bundled libraries

Oh come on!

You really think that 25.000 applications can replace millions? No they can't.

First of all, if you look really closely, those aren't 25.000 applications. They're 25.000 *packages* - including libraries (who cares about those?), documentation, meta packages, maybe even development versions of packages (sources).

Secondly, you're forgetting about statistics and evolution. More variation and competition means there's a greater chance of success. Only a small percentage of applications are any good.

Thirdly, for each niche there are many design decisions. Out of 10.000 crappy applications for a certain niche, you'll have 100 decent applications, 10 really good ones, and 3 great ones, each having a different design philosophy (therefore you can't replace great application A with B or C).

Should I write my own "custom" application for everything that doesn't fit that tight collection of 25.000 "applications"? (answer: no, on Windows you find a tool already made for 99% of regular desktop activities)

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