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Fun with free maps on the free desktop

Fun with free maps on the free desktop

Posted Mar 22, 2010 12:56 UTC (Mon) by Marblehead (guest, #64624)
Parent article: Fun with free maps on the free desktop


Marble recently got support for routing. Dennis Nienhüser has written a
nice blog about Marble's new routing feature:

See the video here:

The feature is still in development and we'll try to simplify the UI a bit
more and extend on functionality.

If you are a student and want to participate in Google Summer of Code 2010
then you might want to apply for a Marble project. See Dennis' blog above
for details.

There are a lot of opportunities to help us to improve Marble with any
skill level: And we'd love to improve Marble so that it covers more use
cases and more ideas. All provided that it stays easy to use and looks
good :-)

Marble has got a pretty sound code base with a sophisticated graphics
pipeline that makes it e.g. possible to deal with several projections.
Also Marble's functionality is plugin based. Together with the
availability of KML-inspired tool classes it's possible to easily enhance

Join us! Join Marble:


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Fun with free maps on the free desktop

Posted Mar 23, 2010 13:30 UTC (Tue) by Marblehead (guest, #64624) [Link]

I forgot to mention: If your distribution has properly packaged Marble
then it also comes with support for GPS (and .gpx files). GPS support is
either provided via gpsd or GeoClue.

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