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OpenTaxSolver solves taxes, openly

OpenTaxSolver solves taxes, openly

Posted Mar 19, 2010 13:07 UTC (Fri) by henning (guest, #13406)
In reply to: OpenTaxSolver solves taxes, openly by nix
Parent article: OpenTaxSolver solves taxes, openly

Here in germany its also not mandatory if you're a 'normal' employee. But many people do it anyway, as its possible to get some money back from the state this way.

As the tax laws are complicated and change a lot, there exists several applications (about 10 - 40 €) that help with the appliance, including tips and give suggestions.

The government provides a proprietary freeware (windows, wine) solution, but this is more or less only an electronic version of the paper version, it obviously doesn't contain that much helpful informations.. So i use for this purpose a small dedicated virtualbox instance.

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OpenTaxSolver solves taxes, openly

Posted Mar 19, 2010 13:32 UTC (Fri) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185) [Link]

The dutch government provides a gratis 3-platform application (on Linux it
uses the motif version of wxwidgets, either as a tarball or autopackage, 32
bits only) that does all the calculations, has lots of help and can
automatically submit it. Even paid tax consultants do little more than enter
fields in the application -- it's really quite good and helpful.

OpenTaxSolver solves taxes, openly

Posted Mar 26, 2010 21:25 UTC (Fri) by i3839 (guest, #31386) [Link]

bin/ib2009ux uses GTK1.

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