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Applications and bundled libraries

Applications and bundled libraries

Posted Mar 18, 2010 20:34 UTC (Thu) by Frej (subscriber, #4165)
In reply to: Applications and bundled libraries by viro
Parent article: Applications and bundled libraries

Sure under the assumption of a crapplication and duhveloper the implication is that bad things
happen. But i don't agree the assumption is always true ;).

It a question of trust, why force the user to only trust the distro? Sure other models have the
problem you state - but why can't we build a system where it doesn't happen? just because
applications bundle stuff, they can still hook in to the same updater the admin/user runs.

A distro letting go of control does not mean that the that sysadmin has less control/more work..
We can do both, it's just harder and new territory.

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