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2.6.34 Merge window, part 2

2.6.34 Merge window, part 2

Posted Mar 18, 2010 10:40 UTC (Thu) by klaasjan (guest, #5492)
In reply to: 2.6.34 Merge window, part 2 by nye
Parent article: 2.6.34 Merge window, part 2

VGA switching is mostly implemented on laptops to save power (for instance on some current generation MacBook pro models). Since there is no user-connectable video cable, reconnecting is not required. Seems the hardware is capable to connect the active GPU to the screen output.

Seems this setup will be deprecated soon for the nVidia "Optimus" technology which allows a secondary GPU to render to the primary GPU's framebuffer without manual GPU switching.

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2.6.34 Merge window, part 2

Posted Mar 18, 2010 12:51 UTC (Thu) by nye (guest, #51576) [Link]

Thanks for the clarification - hopefully this will lead to extremely low idle power consumption for general purpose graphics cards within a few years' time. This is important to me as the idle power consumption is a major factor in the decision of what hardware to buy - much more than its peak power consumption given that 99% of the time I'm not pushing the card to its limit, but still need that limit to be high for the other 1%.

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