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Applications and bundled libraries

Applications and bundled libraries

Posted Mar 18, 2010 3:11 UTC (Thu) by thedevil (guest, #32913)
In reply to: Applications and bundled libraries by drag
Parent article: Applications and bundled libraries

No, no, no, no.

I don't consider myself "average". Why should I welcome a product explcitly targeted at "the average population"? I don't care about world domination one bit. Windows can have 99% of the market for all I care. I want something that serves me (a programmer) well. Windows isn't it, and Linux which works just like Windows (hi, Gnome!) wouldn't be it, either.

Besides, you contradict yourself:

"... diverse needs of the average population."

"... the better off *all* of us are going to be."
(emphasis mine)

It can't very well be both.

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Applications and bundled libraries

Posted Mar 18, 2010 9:14 UTC (Thu) by dgm (subscriber, #49227) [Link]

OK, so you're a programmer and you're soo special. Fine, so do I. But do you realize that that you run a UNIX like system on cheap PC hardware thanks to the MILLIONS of people that buy the same kind of hardware, don't you?

The same logic applies to software. If we hide in the proverbial Ivory Tower, the OS that so wonderfully works for us will languish and die.

The moral being, be little more humble my friend.

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