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Note the common thread here

Note the common thread here

Posted Mar 17, 2010 22:38 UTC (Wed) by kov (subscriber, #7423)
In reply to: Note the common thread here by jmorris42
Parent article: Applications and bundled libraries

You say:

"And no, WebKit isn't any better. It may have started as a KDE effort but it is now an Apple project so if we grow a dependency on that we still are tied to the needs of an alien system."

This means you're likely not really aware of what WebKit is, and how its development model works. Why do you think it is Apple's only, when Collabora, Igalia, Google, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, are all investing work on it?

What port of WebKit are you talking about? Apple ports? Google's port? GTK+, Qt, EFL, WinCE, WX, which one? The GTK+ and Qt ports are very similar to any normal GTK+ and Qt projects you'll find in your normal distribution, with API stability, and all you'd expect from a normal library.

The reason Canonical is going with the webkit branches of all software it is able to go with (Epiphany, Devhelp, Yelp, Gwibber) is because the WebKitGTK+ port does not suffer from most of the badness that was listed above, and provides API/ABI stability, being pushed by a Free Software friendly team that are mostly GNOME developers.

It's a pitty WebKitGTK+ and QtWebKit have been largely ignored by most of the articles related to this issue, though =(.

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