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Why partition alignment?

Why partition alignment?

Posted Mar 11, 2010 17:15 UTC (Thu) by (guest, #38022)
In reply to: Why partition alignment? by BenHutchings
Parent article: 4K-sector drives and Linux

I am not sure that is the solution neither, but if it is needed for ext2/3/4fs, it could be implemented in two steps:
1. The EXTxFS superblock is no more located at 1 Kbyte from the beginning of the partition but at the 3rd sector i.e. LBA=2.
It then only make unreadable the EXTxFS located on DVD-RAM or the EXTxFS images written to CDROM/DVDs.
Also, it seems strange to search for a signature in the middle of a sector when the device has 4096 bytes/sector.
2. The EXTxFS superblock is located at the 3rd *physical* sector of the partition.
Then to mount the FS the software has to scan few sectors to see if it find an EXT* superblock, and old mount command can probably handle the "-o offset=1" parameter.

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