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4K-sector drives and Linux

4K-sector drives and Linux

Posted Mar 9, 2010 23:54 UTC (Tue) by pheldens (guest, #19366)
Parent article: 4K-sector drives and Linux

the article linked above suggests:
"...For /dev/sdc, I used fdisk the same as with sdd, but after creating the partition, I realigned it. I did this by entering expert mode ("x"), then setting the start sector ("b") to 64."
for about twice the write performance, compared to defaults (63).

thanks for this important tip.

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4K-sector drives and Linux

Posted Mar 10, 2010 9:25 UTC (Wed) by Darkmere (subscriber, #53695) [Link]

Most _recent_ tools ( parted 2.1 ) util-linux-ng as of... *tries to remember* some really new release (Fedora 13 has it, 12 does not) work with the new disks perfectly as well.

parted even goes as far as to yell at you if you have the wrong alignment, and offers to fix it for you.

However, you may have to use % based partitions for parted to be able to fix the auto-alignment, otherwise it complains.

mkpart primary ext3 0% +200M
mkpart primary ext4 200M 100%
Or however you want to work things.

4K-sector drives and Linux

Posted Mar 18, 2010 20:38 UTC (Thu) by till (subscriber, #50712) [Link]

gdisk aka GPT fdisk ( ) on Fedora 12 seems to work nicely, too. It aligns data by default and does not irritate with obscure old data like CHS and the partitions seem to be supported by linux. I don't care about Windows, though.

4K-sector drives and Linux

Posted Mar 11, 2010 16:15 UTC (Thu) by jackb (guest, #41909) [Link]

So if you don't need to worry about non-linux operating systems will this procedure fix the problem for every 4K sector drive except those that offset by one?

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