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Real machines vs. single-serving

Real machines vs. single-serving

Posted Mar 9, 2010 10:53 UTC (Tue) by dion (guest, #2764)
In reply to: Code names by jeremiah
Parent article: Fishy business

Something strange happens when you start using tons of virtual machines, in stead of maintaining every machine and putting more services on it, every virtual machine tends to become a wrapper around a single service, once that service is no longer needed the vm is simply deleted.

In the case of virtual machines that are created on demand and are sure to get nuked when they have served their purpose, I can certainly see a good reason for using function oriented names, because that name doesn't ever grow stale and once you have 17 similar servers doing pretty much the same thing then it becomes quite boring to come up with names and equally pointless.

I have no need to name single-use build slaves, so they are simply xp-1, xp-2, xp-3 and so on, no human typically interacts with the machines in their entire lifetime (about a day) before they are deleted and re-created from the master image.

For real, actual machines I still want an abstract name that have nothing at all to do with function and point function oriented CNAMEs at it as needed.

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