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Fishy business

Fishy business

Posted Mar 8, 2010 18:28 UTC (Mon) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: Fishy business by Baylink
Parent article: Fishy business

In a past job, I had the great pleasure of sending the sysadmins a copy of
RFC2100 with the addition 'Learn, guys', when they decided, overnight, to
rename all our development systems from names like neptune and tabernacle
to nice memorable names like, if I can reconstruct one of
them, 'cddldsbgcorplr42-1' which encoded not just that this was a
development machine but the current name of the company and division and
the machine's *rack number* and location on its rack, with the declared
intention of changing this name whenever the company or division changed
names or the machine was reracked. (This was an improvement over their
previous edict, which was that all machines should be named after their IP
address. Even those getting their addresses from DHCP.)

(despite that name: this machine was not in Utah. 'lds' meant 'London
development centre' or something like that. Centre starts with an 's',

I found out later that said sysadmins didn't know what CNAMEs were. So
thanks for writing RFC2100: it started the painful process of imparting
Clue in this case, specifically that a machine can have many names.

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