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Posted Mar 5, 2010 18:17 UTC (Fri) by golding (guest, #32795)
In reply to: A look at Simple Scan by morhippo
Parent article: A look at Simple Scan

OK, I've spent nearly two days trying to understand how you got to that
conclusion and I still don't get your point.

Care to explain?

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Posted Mar 8, 2010 11:51 UTC (Mon) by morhippo (subscriber, #334) [Link]

Discussing scanning applications and only mentioning gnome / gtk versions is one-sided and bad reporting.


Posted Mar 8, 2010 11:57 UTC (Mon) by johill (subscriber, #25196) [Link]

You failed to realise that the article doesn't even attempt to discuss scanning applications. Re-
read the title?


Posted Mar 8, 2010 19:32 UTC (Mon) by morhippo (subscriber, #334) [Link]

The article discusses xsane, gnome scan and simple scan.

It does not discuss kooka (KDE3) or skanlite - why not at least mention these equivalent apps?


Posted Mar 8, 2010 20:12 UTC (Mon) by jake (editor, #205) [Link]

> The article discusses xsane, gnome scan and simple scan.

Well, it mentions XSane because that is the complex beast that Simple Scan is meant to simplify, and GNOME Scan because readers might wonder why a GNOME scanning project wasn't based on it.

It's obvious that this article isn't what you were looking for, which is unfortunate, but it did set out to be a "look at Simple Scan". Given that, it seems like it covers the subject. There certainly is no systematic attempt to only cover GNOME tools or anything of that sort.

As always, though, the comments make a good place to point out other tools that do the same, or a similar, job.



Posted Mar 16, 2010 8:29 UTC (Tue) by kpvangend (guest, #22351) [Link]

From the article:
> but little progress has been made towards creating a user-friendly and
> stable replacement for the SANE GUI. Until now.

Skanlite (and Kooka before that) are very usable scanner applications.
Skanlite is even lighter and easier to use as Kooka.

Unfortunately, if you are a regular Ubuntu user, you don't get easily exposed to them, leading to biased comments like Zonker's.

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