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Red Hat alert RHSA-2010:0129-01 (cups)

Subject:  [RHSA-2010:0129-01] Moderate: cups security update
Date:  Wed, 3 Mar 2010 13:17:28 -0500
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article, Thread

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 ===================================================================== Red Hat Security Advisory Synopsis: Moderate: cups security update Advisory ID: RHSA-2010:0129-01 Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advisory URL: Issue date: 2010-03-03 CVE Names: CVE-2010-0302 ===================================================================== 1. Summary: Updated cups packages that fix one security issue are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. This update has been rated as having moderate security impact by the Red Hat Security Response Team. 2. Relevant releases/architectures: RHEL Desktop Workstation (v. 5 client) - i386, x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server) - i386, ia64, ppc, s390x, x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 client) - i386, x86_64 3. Description: The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) provides a portable printing layer for UNIX operating systems. It was discovered that the Red Hat Security Advisory RHSA-2009:1595 did not fully correct the use-after-free flaw in the way CUPS handled references in its file descriptors-handling interface. A remote attacker could send specially-crafted queries to the CUPS server, causing it to crash. (CVE-2010-0302) Users of cups are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain a backported patch to correct this issue. After installing the update, the cupsd daemon will be restarted automatically. 4. Solution: Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released errata relevant to your system have been applied. This update is available via Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at 5. Bugs fixed ( 557775 - CVE-2010-0302 cups Incomplete fix for CVE-2009-3553 6. Package List: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 client): Source: i386: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm x86_64: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm RHEL Desktop Workstation (v. 5 client): Source: i386: cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm x86_64: cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server): Source: i386: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm ia64: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ia64.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ia64.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ia64.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ia64.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ia64.rpm ppc: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc64.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc64.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc64.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.ppc.rpm s390x: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390x.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390x.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390x.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390x.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.s390x.rpm x86_64: cups-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-debuginfo-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-devel-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.i386.rpm cups-libs-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm cups-lpd-1.3.7-11.el5_4.6.x86_64.rpm These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from 7. References: 8. Contact: The Red Hat security contact is <>. More contact details at Copyright 2010 Red Hat, Inc. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.4 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQFLjqenXlSAg2UNWIIRArcFAJ9MJkj4+ZKbVNvuk7Wv3W3nrrM1+QCeItEi v4KdjTOf4BuOFTpYCJDOACI= =UI/I -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- Enterprise-watch-list mailing list

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