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A Checkpoint/restart update

A Checkpoint/restart update

Posted Feb 25, 2010 15:47 UTC (Thu) by hallyn (subscriber, #22558)
In reply to: A Checkpoint/restart update by k3ninho
Parent article: A Checkpoint/restart update

Matt wasn't talking (I don't think) about the checkpoint image format,
which (IIUC) is what you would be addressing with your suggestion.

I personally think the main maintainability concern is that updates to
object creation/destruction/updates code not require maintainers to know
to look at other random places like checkpoint/file.c to update
corresponding checkpoint and restart code. That is why we have made it
a point to re-use existing (or create) helpers like cred_setresuid()
in the checkpoint and restart paths, so that updates to the core helpers
will automatically update checkpoint/restart code as well.

In addition to this, Matt is working on moving everything (or nearly
everything) that is under checkpoint/ into the right files in the core
code, i.e. checkpoint/file.c helpers likely belong in fs/namei.c,
fs/namespace.c etc.

Now, what you're talking about with auto-generation of headers has also
been discussed, and specifically suggested by Andrew Morgan
June/018289.html ). But I think it's still an open question whether
that will just obfuscate what is really going on, and whether it is
addressing a real problem. If it turns out to be a real problem, then
we're certainly open to it!

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