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Posted Feb 23, 2010 0:52 UTC (Tue) by ebiederm (subscriber, #35028)
Parent article: Release notes

I find it fascinating that chmod being broken on sysfs is not considered by this thread a security issue.

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Posted Feb 23, 2010 1:48 UTC (Tue) by spender (subscriber, #23067) [Link]

Yea I find it fascinating too that the code you wrote that introduced the bug was also fixed by you with a commit message missing the original details about chmod from the bug reporter (available here: and mentioning "Resulting in overly restrictive permissions on sysfs files" yet apparently with the knowledge that it was a security issue wasn't picked up by a non-security person as a security issue.

Same goes for all those sysctl vulnerabilities you claimed before that weren't fixed by anything but your sysctl rewrite. I mean, those vulnerabilities should be utterly obvious to any backporter!

I'm simply shocked.


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