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Posted Feb 21, 2010 21:37 UTC (Sun) by arjan (subscriber, #36785)
Parent article: Release notes

this seems to be a clear proof that almost any kernel bug is a security issue....

Now that we have this long list of clearly identified security issues.... are we going to see really big security updates for the distros that don't keep up with the latest kernels? (esp. the enterprise kernels)
or are users of those kernels just going to keep the security issues....

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Posted Feb 22, 2010 18:22 UTC (Mon) by sht (guest, #46093) [Link]

Yes. What I've always found missing from the stable work is a reference to the commit that introduced the bug/error condition, i.e. a tag like

Bug-since: <commit>

This should be possible to determine for the majority of patches I'd guess and it would be machine checkable for backporters. Release notes

Posted Feb 23, 2010 1:33 UTC (Tue) by bfields (subscriber, #19510) [Link]

I occasionally wonder whether the "Bug-since:" pointer shouldn't just be the parent pointer....

That is to say, when applying a simple bugfix, first check out the commit that introduced the bug and commit there--at least in cases where the merge into recent upstream would be easy.

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