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MeeGo: the merger of Maemo and Moblin

MeeGo: the merger of Maemo and Moblin

Posted Feb 18, 2010 21:52 UTC (Thu) by HelloWorld (guest, #56129)
In reply to: MeeGo: the merger of Maemo and Moblin by nix
Parent article: MeeGo: the merger of Maemo and Moblin

And choice? Choice is bad.
So it is, if there is to much of it. And having literally thousands of distros is definitely too much.

Having multiple distros is a wonderful way to experiment with different packaging and system administration methods,
No, it's not. A uniform linux distribution for the desktop wouldn't stop anyone from developing, say, a new package manager or system administration tool. It would actually make things easier, because it would be possible to build and package a new tool so that *everyone* (almost) can take advantage of it. Imagine that: people could just use system-config-httpd to configure their apache web server. And if they don't like it, they remove it and install YaST instead. Having a uniform desktop linux distribution would actually give you *more* freedom, since you won't be constrained any longer by the selection of packages your distro has made for you.

or to customize the OS for particular domains.
Yes, this is why i spoke about eliminating 99.9% of all linux distributions and not about eliminating each one but one. I do see a point in having stuff like OpenWrt for embedded devices, or MeeGo for mobile devices. But having Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Mandriva, Fedora, Mint, MEPIS, Sidux etc. at the same time is utter nonsense.

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