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Merging kdb and kgdb

Merging kdb and kgdb

Posted Feb 18, 2010 6:08 UTC (Thu) by madscientist (subscriber, #16861)
Parent article: Merging kdb and kgdb

Off-topic, but what is the status of kgdboe? Anyone know? Last I checked it was not in the mainline kernel. Is anyone maintaining this? Is anyone trying to get it merged?

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Posted Feb 18, 2010 15:37 UTC (Thu) by jwessel (guest, #63702) [Link]

There is no active work presently to get kgdboe merged to the mainline. Kgdboe is viewed as an unstable connection type in its current design.

For example, with IRQ preemption there is no safe way to share the ethernet hardware. There are few if any ethernet drivers that have a completely robust NET POLL API implementation. The remaining problem is that the amount of code which cannot be debugged with kgdboe is much larger than when using the dbgp or serial based I/O driver.

There are several proposals in existence about how to change the design and at the point that someone picks up one of those to carry forward you would also have the capability to run kdb over the kgdboe I/O driver.



Posted Mar 9, 2010 0:03 UTC (Tue) by johnh500 (subscriber, #49452) [Link]

Hi Jason, which of these proposals do you consider reasonable, and could you please point us to any of them? I am maintaining a large driver that really needs the high speed of kgdboe (plus the ability to debug laptops that have no serial port), so I've been thinking about doing this for some time now.

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