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Older trees

Older trees

Posted Feb 17, 2010 18:35 UTC (Wed) by corbet (editor, #1)
In reply to: Older trees by alex
Parent article: How old is our kernel?

Such things exist, yes. And, indeed, I've grabbed copies of them over time. Lots of old stuff in git://, for example. Eventually I'll see what I can do about trawling through it all.

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WoPDaSD 2010

Posted Feb 17, 2010 18:57 UTC (Wed) by PO8 (guest, #41661) [Link]

I'm on the Program Committee for the 5th Workshop on Public Data about Software Development (WoPDaSD 2010), and the paper deadline is coming up in March. I would really love to see you and/or other readers of LWN get this kind of data and analysis together as a workshop paper and submit it there. We don't get so many submissions from outside academia, and that's a shame—I'm confident that this work would be quite well-received.

WoPDaSD 2010

Posted Feb 17, 2010 20:50 UTC (Wed) by ajross (guest, #4563) [Link]

Were all the pronouncable acronyms already taken?

WoPDaSD 2010

Posted Feb 18, 2010 0:02 UTC (Thu) by felixfix (subscriber, #242) [Link]

It's related to INTERCAL ...

"The full name of the compiler is "Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym", which is, for obvious reasons, abbreviated "INTERCAL"."

WoPDaSD 2010

Posted Feb 18, 2010 7:48 UTC (Thu) by PO8 (guest, #41661) [Link]

The acronym is kind of awkward, but the workshop is pretty cool. It works that way sometimes. :-)

Older trees

Posted Feb 17, 2010 19:25 UTC (Wed) by marineam (guest, #28387) [Link]

I started a rebase of the current linux-2.6 on top of old-2.6-bkcvs to see if your little findoldfiles finds anything that hasn't changed since 2.4 but this could take a loooooong time, rebase is going at about two patches a second on my machine.

I'm guessing writing a smarter script would be faster. :-P

Older trees

Posted Feb 17, 2010 22:24 UTC (Wed) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

there is a historical git archive that can be grafted onto the current 2.6.12 archive.

once this is done the combined archive can be treated as a single archive and I expect that the scripts used for this report could be used as-is (although it will obviously take longer)

IIRC, the historical git archive goes all the way back to the 0.0x days (although not without gaps)

David Lang

Older trees

Posted Feb 17, 2010 22:31 UTC (Wed) by corbet (editor, #1) [Link]

That's davej's repository, yes. I have it. The tools will require some tweaks to work well with that data source, but it's all certainly doable.

Older trees

Posted Feb 17, 2010 22:38 UTC (Wed) by viro (subscriber, #7872) [Link]

FWIW, I've got a slightly more complete tree (several versions missed by davej added to his) plus the CVS-exported 2.4 BK tree; need to convert the latter to git, then we'll get full tree with all branches (right now there's stuff up to 2.4.0 + 2.4.0--2.6.12 + 2.4.31--2.4.current + 2.6.12--2.6-current, with gap between 2.4.15 and 2.4.31).

Older trees

Posted Feb 23, 2010 0:34 UTC (Tue) by Aissen (guest, #59976) [Link]

Is your tree online? How does this compare to ?
I contacted the original author about 3 months ago and built a tree using his ocaml program. It seems to gather data from dave, tglx and linus' tree.

If anyone is interested, I can forward the ~210k archive of the program building the tree.

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