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FOSDEM'10: Maemo 6 platform security

FOSDEM'10: Maemo 6 platform security

Posted Feb 11, 2010 20:29 UTC (Thu) by mlankhorst (subscriber, #52260)
In reply to: FOSDEM'10: Maemo 6 platform security by brinkmd
Parent article: FOSDEM'10: Maemo 6 platform security

And I was thinking of buying a device based on maemo. I'll pass now. Like the parent poster said, most devices will be sold with simlock and a plan. 2 year plan with maemo phone is still cheaper than buying the phone separately. Maemo was nice from what I read, but I really don't want a smartphone if it doesn't allow me to run my own kernel if I decide to do so.

Is there any phone I can buy with a plan that's still open and actually works and of which the next or current version isn't going to restrict what I can do when I buy it with a plan?

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FOSDEM'10: Maemo 6 platform security

Posted Feb 12, 2010 11:08 UTC (Fri) by brinkmd (guest, #45122) [Link]

Boycotting Maemo may not be your best option. A boycot only makes sense if there is strong internal force to push in the direction of the boycotters: The boycott strenghtens this internal force by weakening the alternatives. I don't know what Nokia employees and close associates think about this, so one would have to figure that out first. The Maemo is still the free-est phone device on the mass market.

The Neo Freerunner with OpenMoko is still available, and if your needs are extremely modest, it may be a viable alternative for you. In that case, congratulations, you will have the free-est phone on the market. There may be other niche devices that I don't know about.

You could develop the next killer application for the phone and release it under GPLv3. Then when people go to Nokia and ask why it is not available on the device by default they will be embarrassed.

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