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Re: NTLM etc

Re: NTLM etc

Posted Feb 10, 2010 2:20 UTC (Wed) by jra (subscriber, #55261)
Parent article: Samba with Active Directory: getting closer

Yes, as you mentioned I do indeed know all these things :-).

My main goal in responding as I did was to directly contradict the original comment "Samba relies on NTLM for authentication.", with no mention of the fact that in a Windows domain environment, Samba member servers have used kerberos natively for many years. This is the primary mode in which people deploy Samba both from source code and embedded in commercial products.

Left unchallenged, any casual reader would be left with the impression that Samba *only* implements NTLM.

In an environment controlled by a older Samba Domain Controller (Samba3, not Samba4) we can only implement NTLM due to the tying together of the protocols in Microsoft's client implementation. Samba4 finally fixes this.

I do get annoyed by people making bogus claims about Samba. Competitors repeat these untruths in competitive situations and have caused problems with Samba deployments and product development in the past, and I'm determined to stamp this kind of comment out.

Remember, a lie can run around the world before the truth has had a chance to put on its boots :-).


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Re: NTLM etc

Posted Feb 26, 2010 17:19 UTC (Fri) by Yuri_Mizyuk (guest, #63917) [Link]

great comments and awesome post Yuri Mizyuk

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