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HTML5 video element codec debate reignited

HTML5 video element codec debate reignited

Posted Feb 10, 2010 2:07 UTC (Wed) by skissane (subscriber, #38675)
Parent article: HTML5 video element codec debate reignited

On a related issue, I would really like the HTML5 standard to require a minimum <audio> and <video> codec, even if its something really old and dumb. There are lots of bit-rate applications (sound in web applications, animations) where something old and dumb is all that's needed, and it would be nice to have some requirement in this area, even if we can't agree on one for the higher-bitrate applications?

For example, an uncompressed or low compression audio format (e.g. some variant of .WAV) is great for adding custom alert noises to a web app, so support for such a format should be mandatory. Similarly, if some old/dumb video format was mandatory, it might be unusable for real video, but still might work perfectly well for animations, presentations, etc.

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HTML5 video element codec debate reignited

Posted Feb 12, 2010 3:11 UTC (Fri) by jrincayc (guest, #29129) [Link]

Motion JPEG is widely supported (Gstreamer good, Quicktime and Media Player), and is patent free. However, it requires something like 10+ times the bandwidth that theora does. MPEG-1 is or will be soon patent free (ignoring the MP3 portion), but it is probably at least a little worse than Theora for bandwidth.

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