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Timer slack

Timer slack

Posted Feb 5, 2010 19:50 UTC (Fri) by oak (guest, #2786)
Parent article: Timer slack

> In essence, this call says that any timeout scheduled with the given
timer can be delayed by up to slack_hz jiffies.

Can the timeout be delivered earlier too?

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Timer slack

Posted Feb 5, 2010 21:21 UTC (Fri) by farnz (subscriber, #17727) [Link]

No. That would be a contract breach; timers are guaranteed to not fire until the time period has elapsed.

If you want a timer to fire earlier, set it to fire earlier; if you have a large range of times in which it can fire, set it to fire at the earliest of those times, and give it a very large slack, so that it can be merged with the firing of another timer.

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