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Hash collisions

Hash collisions

Posted Feb 2, 2010 14:09 UTC (Tue) by otaylor (subscriber, #4190)
In reply to: Hash collisions by dlang
Parent article: Security in the 20-teens

It's hard for me to see how my few sentence comment could possibly considered as "all the theoretical arguing that you have been doing." My point was not that I know of any way of generating dangerous collisions, or that I am losing a single second of sleep over the security of my GIT repositories, but rather that I found the argument "It would be quite a task to generate a hash collision that also compiles as valid C code" weak. The current collision generating attacks I'm aware of (not specifically talking about SHA1) don't require generating a new file from scratch, but rather inserting random-looking data into a padding section of a file format. It doesn't seem a huge step from there to inserting "steganographered" random data. But even restricting to the simplest case of random-looking data at the end of the file, one out of every 65536 random-looking data blocks ends with '*/'... Anyways, I'm not an academic or even amateur cryptographer, and have no intention of becoming such, so while I try to avoid talking total nonsense, if you find posts based on general considerations offensive, please feel free to ignore what I write.

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