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Getting things done in Linux

Getting things done in Linux

Posted Jan 21, 2010 15:40 UTC (Thu) by Darkmere (subscriber, #53695)
In reply to: Getting things done in Linux by phillemann
Parent article: Getting things done in Linux

Where do you as a user draw the line between a "gnome" application and a GTK+ application? When they follow the Gnome HID? When they link to the deprecated and nonsupported libgnome{ui,} when they use the Glib based GVFS to support FUSE mounted ssh/samba? When they are hosted on the Gnome website? Perhaps when they link to oddly misnamed the evolution-data-server (which doesn't depend on evolution)

Gnome has changed a fair bit in how the development is done regarding to packages, splitting out more and more into sublibraries which are then reincorporated into a higher place in the stack.

Because if you look at the Gentoo package for gtg, you end up with a massive set of heavy dependencies deep into the Gnome stack, erm, no, wait, lemme rephrase that. It depends on pygtk, pycairo and pygobject, along with the freedesktop pyxdg for standards.

Oh such heavy Gnome dependencies, i think my poor machine is going to explode.

</Sarcasm> Check the comments above for your commandline tools, devtodo was developed in part in the #gentoo-dev channel back in the day and might be more in your style.

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