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Getting things done in Linux

Getting things done in Linux

Posted Jan 21, 2010 7:55 UTC (Thu) by rakoenig (subscriber, #29855)
In reply to: Getting things done in Linux by mtaht
Parent article: Getting things done in Linux

Full ACK. I'm managing my GTD with orgmode for about 2 years now and I'm absolutely satisfied with it.

The biggest advantage of orgmode is the fact, that all is just plain text, so I can manage tasks just with the keyboard instead of point&click into dialog boxes. This speeds up the process a lot.

Speed is important for your task management tool. In the firm we're forced to also use SharePoint-based task lists and here you really see the difference between just editing a text file in your PCs RAM or suffering from a lousy responding server that makes editing a task a long job.

Ok, the big differenc is that orgmode is not a "groupware" tool, its for self management and for that its perfectly suited.

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Getting things done in Emacs

Posted Jan 21, 2010 8:57 UTC (Thu) by tnoo (subscriber, #20427) [Link]

The obvious alternative to org-mode is planner-mode for Emacs. The great
advantage of both tools is the close integration with the rest of the
Emacs working environment (it is so much more than a great text and
programming editor): mail client (vm, wanderlust, gnus, notmuch,...), the
contact database (bbdb), and all the other great tools like doc-view,
anything, w3m etc. With these Emacs tools at hand, everything is nicely
cross linked or searchable (via moccur, tags or the trackerd - anything

Best of all: you need one set of keybindings, and never the mouse.


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