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Secure keyboard input

Secure keyboard input

Posted Nov 25, 2009 23:59 UTC (Wed) by jmorris42 (guest, #2203)
In reply to: Secure keyboard input by epa
Parent article: Fedora 12 and unprivileged package installation

Kids today..... :)

Fire up an xterm (a real one) and observe the first option on the menu if you press CTRL-F1 is Secure Keyboard. It is intended to be used for exactly the sort of thing you mention. X had thought of security and built it in long before NT 3.1 'invented' it, the GNOME/KDE kids simply forgot about that sort of thing along with most of the other good parts of X.

Seems to be a pattern with modern graphical free software development to repeat all of Microsoft's security mistakes and for the same reason. The mad rush to bring about 'the Year of Linux on the Desktop' is producing the exact same marketing based security policies that we have laughed our butts off over when Microsoft originally made em. But apparently we learned nothing.

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Secure keyboard input

Posted Nov 26, 2009 17:40 UTC (Thu) by mjg59 (subscriber, #23239) [Link]

So the attacker makes sure that your xterm is thunked with an LD_PRELOADed library that reports a successful grab without actually performing one. Xterm continues along its way and your password still gets grabbed. Xterm's grabs are intended to secure against hostile *X* applications that may be running on machines out of your control. That's simply not the common threat model any more, and instead it just results in people thinking that they're secure when they're not.

(Heck. The attacker could ignore X altogether and just thunk read and write in xterm and read everything going over the pty. You'd end up with a secure channel between the server and the xterm, which would win you absolutely nothing overall)

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