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Mandriva 2010

Mandriva 2010

Posted Nov 12, 2009 8:41 UTC (Thu) by fcrozat (subscriber, #175)
Parent article: Mandriva 2010

Some small comments on your review :

- Dual arch ISO is not a DVD but a CDROM (650MB), with a minimal desktop (LXDE) available in both x86 and x86-64 architecture (installation will use x86-64 architecture if system supports it), without additional download. During installation process, if user decides to add network media, installation will be equivalent to a Free DVD install, with packages download on the fly.
- we are aware of the desktop freeze while "live upgrade" from Mandriva 2009 or 2009 Spring is in progress. We are investigating this issue and until it is resolved, we disabled "live upgrade" notification to Mandriva Linux 2010. For people who encountered the crash, log as root in a virtual terminal and run "urpmi --auto-update --auto --replacefiles" to finish the upgrade. For users who did not upgrade yet, we suggest using DVD ISO to do the upgrade until we enable "live upgrade".
-we will investigate etoys vs task-sugar issue.

Thanks you for your review.

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Mandriva 2010

Posted Nov 12, 2009 9:44 UTC (Thu) by attitude (guest, #24270) [Link]

Thank you for the comments. Anyway, here is the thing with a dual arch download. If you go here you'll find "DVD 32bits (4,3GB)", "DVD 64 bits" and "DVD dual arch" torrents. Both links for the 32 bits and dual arch are the same, which means 4,3GB ISO.

Mandriva 2010

Posted Nov 12, 2009 9:54 UTC (Thu) by fcrozat (subscriber, #175) [Link]

Oops, thanks for the notice, it is now fixed on the download page (which was redesigned for 2010 and we failed to see this small mistake).

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