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Want GWT, get Java

Want GWT, get Java

Posted Nov 4, 2009 21:37 UTC (Wed) by roelofs (guest, #2599)
In reply to: Want GWT, get Java by dmarti
Parent article: Gerrit: Google-style code review meets git

AFAIK there's nothing like GWT for anything except Java -- if you want to develop a desktop-style UI, then deploy the same code unchanged to a browser, the only other alternative is Flash, which is one more thing to keep up to date on the client side.

Sounds like you missed the SVLUG presentation on XML11 a couple years back. It's not entirely divorced from Java insofar as there's a Java server involved, but the client code is all JS with X11-like XML messaging connecting the two. It includes (among other things) an AWT implementation in JS.

I initially thought GWT might be a descendant of XML11, but I'd guess it's actually an independent implementation of some of the same ideas.


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Posted Nov 8, 2009 22:21 UTC (Sun) by wt (subscriber, #11793) [Link]

I don't think that people who enjoy their sanity and well-being attend SVLUG anymore. It's core
members are a poisonous group that do nothing helpful.

I am a little biased as my wife ended up walking away from one of their meetings with bruises.


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