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2.6.32 commits fixing null pointer dereferences

The following are commits (since 2.6.31) which appear to fix null pointer dereference bugs.

a1104016ce8f7750ecd8ca6129786bc549aa5c38 drivers/ata/libata: Move dereference after NULL test
7400f42e9d765fa0656b432f3ab1245f9710f190 cfg80211: fix NULL ptr deref
89a8640279f8bb78aaf778d1fc5c4a6778f18064 NOMMU: Don't pass NULL pointers to fput() in do_mmap_pgoff()
1bb40a25b26ef7e2c4fb79ce430de2b9f836527f Staging: hv: Fix null pointer error after vmbus loading
e8e0929d7290cab7c5b1a3e5f5f54f73daf38038 ALSA: sound/parisc: Move dereference after NULL test
4b3be6afa4ab8b3fdce39df68bad71f8b85164de ALSA: sound: Move dereference after NULL test and drop unnecessary NULL tests
cf6e693212263d33c5882e4653df89a2fca4c0c4 loop: fix NULL dereference if mount fails
60e5c1b5ecd99e06d3133a2a20d58d3c2b9968ac ARM: S3C24XX: arch/arm/plat-s3c24xx: Move dereference after NULL test
a8643430bc82aa3d272b21df2e1feb502bb8aacb mfd: Do not dereference null pointer in twl4030 error path
ad3960243e55320d74195fb85c975e0a8cc4466c fs: pipe.c null pointer dereference
497fb54f578efd2b479727bc88d5ef942c0a1e2d ACPI / PCI: Fix NULL pointer dereference in acpi_get_pci_dev() (rev. 2)
c7922a911c42c5a8bdee6cc75eb6bd66937d4217 [SCSI] qla2xxx: Fix NULL ptr deref bug in fail path during queue create
3bd0f0c763e497c8674b28e3df2732f48683dabd swapfile: avoid NULL pointer dereference in swapon when s_bdev is NULL
ffa9f12a41ec117207e8d953f90b9c179546c8d7 module: don't call percpu_modfree on NULL pointer.
0a40e64786933fb04be37af0a19aa320bc3414a8 omap_hsmmc: fix NULL pointer dereference
cb5fd13f1178dee4302646b2890d884c380160e1 sched: Fix potential NULL derference of doms_cur
f0adb134d8dc9993a9998dc50845ec4f6ff4fadc [CPUFREQ] Fix NULL ptr regression in powernow-k8
886e3b7fe6054230c89ae078a09565ed183ecc73 nfsd4: fix null dereference creating nfsv4 callback client
a2279ae5b58edb7cbe2196d08572fcf59f292354 Staging: comedi: addi-data: NULL dereference of amcc in v_pci_card_list_init()
a89dfebdad050598479c73c1a22e2323085b5596 Staging: rt2860: fix possible NULL dereferences
d314737ad3bad6b4603b243fd6db572385259690 igb: do not allow phy sw reset code to make calls to null pointers
fe63b94a430c0c8058de317f0a8ce921c69dbee4 tracing: prevent NULL pointer dereference in ftrace_raw_event_block_bio_bounce
fc87e919c0ce8e213edf2ffca17f384f059873d3 PCI ASPM: fix possible null pointer dereference
0e3eaadfe3da84f98250ad8a2c36e87fe00e42ee ARM: OMAP4: Fix NULL pointer dereference crash.
ff6fdbed8f465f796da7ab32cde67e2dfb9e1f8f drm/crtc_helper: avoid NULL-pointer dereference when encoder is NULL
dcbfef820bdd1cdb412ccf234840e23edf67014f au1000_eth: possible NULL dereference of aup->mii_bus->irq in au1000_probe()
2920ee2b47fc8e6aebe1d1956b2725f48fa93cc5 [CIFS] potential NULL dereference in parse_DFS_referrals()
e0ad2cd8ff7fb957be867d17d44fb4b7093c91bd ucc_geth: Fix NULL pointer dereference in uec_get_ethtool_stats()
903b9124eae00edf8a9d6491dab60fcda777aabd Input: w90p910_keypad - move a dereference below a NULL test
e34ccdfe0e08a6acb8c5e649fef1e94e6cd637f9 [SCSI] lpfc: don't dereference NULL
a7428cd2ef77734465e36bceb43290e37e2a97c6 x86, ioapic: Throw BUG instead of NULL dereference
f7ea097d9b4e61a816c041c92548aad7c7ed7915 iwlagn: fix null pointer access during ucode load on 1000
80e5b06a1b0d9a6aa88dc5c9e93ba49510c52b45 cfg80211: fix NULL dereference in IBSS SIOCGIWAP
78f1ddbb498283c2445c11b0dfa666424c301803 ext4: Avoid null pointer dereference when decoding EROFS w/o a journal

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