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JLS2009: Generic receive offload

JLS2009: Generic receive offload

Posted Oct 30, 2009 16:55 UTC (Fri) by sgros (subscriber, #36440)
In reply to: JLS2009: Generic receive offload by iabervon
Parent article: JLS2009: Generic receive offload

In that case we are speaking of some content provider that has >=10Gb/s link(s) (heavy loaded) that uses linux as:

a) router, or
b) application server (or something similar)

in case of a), no hardware offloading is allowed. In case of b) I somehow doubt that you'll put extreme load on your server(s), i.e. you'll do load balancing.

Of course, there could be some other use scenario I'm not aware of, but the point is that I'm still not convinced. BTW, it doesn't mean I'm against achieving something like this that Herbert is trying to do. If nothing else, it would be definitely cool to say linux can do it, others can't. :)

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