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KS2009: Realtime preemption

KS2009: Realtime preemption

Posted Oct 21, 2009 6:29 UTC (Wed) by dlang (subscriber, #313)
Parent article: KS2009: Realtime preemption

I like the idea of CONFIG_BKL being required for older drivers and not trying too hard to fix them (especially since the people doing the changes probably don't have the hardware to test with)

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KS2009: Realtime preemption

Posted Oct 29, 2009 20:15 UTC (Thu) by joib (subscriber, #8541) [Link]

Then again, due to all the subtleness in the BKL (e.g. ), it wouldn't surprise me if many of these drivers would then be broken anyway, since they could depend on some other piece of code acquiring the BKL at some suitable point.

Anyway, I suppose that's the price of progress. One can at least hope that in the longer term, the elimination of the BKL will not only improve latencies and corner-case scalability, but also quality as the replacement locking will be better designed and understood.

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