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Kernel summit group photo

Kernel summit group photo

Posted Oct 20, 2009 14:41 UTC (Tue) by eduperez (guest, #11232)
In reply to: Kernel summit group photo by Tuxie
Parent article: Kernel summit group photo

Just one curiosity: here in Spain, "socks and sandals" is considered extremely bad taste; I have never seen one single native wearing that around here, only tourists.

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Kernel summit group photo

Posted Oct 20, 2009 15:30 UTC (Tue) by smoogen (subscriber, #97) [Link]

In many parts of the world it is considered 'bad taste'. In classic British/US geek culture its considered a sign of being part of the outcast group that will wear something comfortable at the expense of being laughed at.

I mean he is at least wearing matching socks and sandles.. they could have been crimson or chartreuse.

Kernel summit group photo

Posted Oct 21, 2009 6:27 UTC (Wed) by alankila (guest, #47141) [Link]

There's a bit of economic theory behind the bad outfits of the geeks. It is argued that because the geeks belong to a group whose work is objectively quantifiable, they can dress poorly/comfortably because their dress isn't a relevant signal for their quality. (It's also part of a subculture backlash against general business attire, and probably a jab at impeccably dressed marketdroids and executives, which the geeks seem to view as useless.)

Kernel summit group photo

Posted Oct 21, 2009 22:14 UTC (Wed) by endecotp (guest, #36428) [Link]

No, it's because no-one has yet created a good ironing robot. When that happens, we'll all turn into the most smartly-dressed people on the planet overnight. (Have you noticed how all your geek friends now have clean carpets since the Roomba? Same principle.)

Kernel summit group photo

Posted Oct 22, 2009 13:53 UTC (Thu) by Janne (guest, #40891) [Link]

I wore sandals with socks (+ shorts) in my holiday-trip to London. And I did get few glances from salesladies in some stores. So why did I wear them? Because we walked over 10 kilometers a day, 7 days a week, and I wanted something comfortable. Blisters would have made the trip a lot less enjoyable. Should I dress uncomfortably in order to satisfy some arbitary dress-code? Mind you, the clothes I wear are neat and clean, so I'm not a sloppy dresser.

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