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Featherstitch: Killing fsync() softly

Featherstitch: Killing fsync() softly

Posted Oct 10, 2009 17:37 UTC (Sat) by erh (guest, #61294)
Parent article: Featherstitch: Killing fsync() softly

Wow,it's really hard to keep reading an article when the very first sentence in it is plainly wrong. Soft updates have been implemented in NetBSD, DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD, not just FreeBSD.

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Featherstitch: Killing fsync() softly

Posted Oct 10, 2009 17:46 UTC (Sat) by erh (guest, #61294) [Link]

as for the rest of the article: sounds like a neat idea.

Featherstitch: Killing fsync() softly

Posted Oct 11, 2009 1:53 UTC (Sun) by vaurora (guest, #38407) [Link]

This might be a difference in the use of the word "implemented" - I believe (and do correct me if I'm wrong) that soft updates were designed and written once, for FreeBSD, and then the code was inherited to the other BSDs. But I can see this being interpreted as "exists and works in a production operating system" in which case I would have to list all FreeBSD descended operating systems.

Anyway, please do let me know if soft updates were re-implemented independently at any point. The only instance I know of is the Featherstitch-based re-implementation described in this article.

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