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A kernel-level configfs enabled generic target engine for Linux v2.6.32

From:  "Nicholas A. Bellinger" <>
To:  LKML <>, linux-scsi <>
Subject:  [RFC v2 PATCH 0/19] A kernel-level configfs enabled generic target engine for Linux v2.6.32
Date:  Fri, 18 Sep 2009 15:07:36 -0700
Cc:  Andrew Morton <>, Greg KH <>, Douglas Gilbert <>, James Bottomley <>, Hannes Reinecke <>, FUJITA Tomonori <>, Mike Christie <>, Joel Becker <>, "Martin K. Petersen" <>, Christoph Hellwig <>, Linus Torvalds <>, Alan Stern <>, Boaz Harrosh <>, Florian Haas <>, Philipp Reisner <>, Lars Ellenberg <>, Daniel Walker <>
Archive-link:  Article, Thread

Greetings all,

This is the second round of request for comments for TCM/ConfigFS v3.2 from lio-core-2.6.git.
Thanks to the folks who made comments, and I again invite people to take a look and make
recommendations on how the code can be futher improved to use the best available upstream

Also, the standalone patches for TCM v3.2 are now available from:

The first posting from 09112009 can be found here:

The changelog since the posting on 09112009, which can be found here:

*) Convert to struct mutex for struct sempahore initialized with init_MUTEX() (mentioned by Daniel Walker)
*) Convert to struct completion for struct semaphore initialized with init_MUTEX_LOCKED() (mentioned by Daniel Walker)
*) Convert to use Kbuild instead of Makefile for drivers/target/ (mentioned by Boaz Harrosh)
*) Use include/asm-generic/div64.h for unsigned long long division on 32-bit architectures
*) Use include/linux/math64.h for unsigned long long modulo on 32-bit architectures

The lio-core-2.6.git tree can be found here:

More Information about Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS, and PR and ALUA:

The complete v3.x TCM CLI operations set can be found here:

Instructions and examples for getting setup:

Constructive comments are welcome,

Thank you!


[RFC PATCH 1/19] Target_Core_Mod Asymmetric Logical Unit Assignment (ALUA) support
[RFC PATCH 2/19] Target_Core_Mod ConfigFS infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 3/19] Target_Core_Mod device core infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 4/19] Target_Core_Mod FILEIO <-> Linux/VFS subsystem
[RFC PATCH 5/19] Target_Core_Mod HBA core infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 6/19] Target_Core_Mod IBLOCK <-> Linux/Block subsystem plugin
[RFC PATCH 7/19] Target_Core_Mod SCSI MIBs
[RFC PATCH 8/19] Target_Core_Mod Subsystem and SE Object plugin infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 9/19] Target_Core_Mod SPC-4 Persistent Reservations
[RFC PATCH 10/19] Target_Core_Mod PSCSI <-> Linux/SCSI subsystem plugin
[RFC PATCH 11/19] Target_Core_Mod RAMDISK_DR and RAMDISK_MCP subsystem plugin
[RFC PATCH 12/19] Target_Core_Mod READ/WRITE command descriptor block generation code
[RFC PATCH 13/19] Target_Core_Mod Storage Engine Object infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 14/19] Target_Core_Mod Task Management infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 15/19] Target_Core_Mod portal group endpoint infrastructure
[RFC PATCH 16/19] Target_Core_Mod Generic Transport Core
[RFC PATCH 17/19] Target_Core_Mod Unit Attention emulation support
[RFC PATCH 18/19] Target_Core_Mod base and fabric_module includes
[RFC PATCH 19/19] Target_Core_Mod Kbuild/Kconfig

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