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Various scheduler-related topics

Various scheduler-related topics

Posted Sep 18, 2009 7:37 UTC (Fri) by Kamilion (subscriber, #42576)
In reply to: Various scheduler-related topics by jimparis
Parent article: Various scheduler-related topics

Could be the whole SMP-gone-mainstream thing... ;)
The x86 architecture has gone through some interesting permutations since 2001.

*sigh* I remember kernel 2.4.4... Wrestling with going from Slink to Potato and ReiserFS in 2.4.6 going haywire... The install discs still have a warm place in my big CD binder of Linux CDs going back to The Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide's Slackware 3.0 pack-in from 1996.

We've come so far. B-tree filesystems (B+TRee now) are hip again, gentoo's visibly early console/splash work has paved the way for xsplash, 1.6ghz chips have become a hot item again, and we're finally at the point where 256GB SSDs are competing with the 250GB Hard Drives everyone was awestruck with years ago. Good times.

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