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Providing services is a profession

Providing services is a profession

Posted Sep 10, 2009 22:41 UTC (Thu) by sergey (guest, #31763)
In reply to: Providing services is a profession by elanthis
Parent article: Attacks against WordPress installations

"Classic" Windows software relies on registry for configuration, in a way that makes keeping
code in multiple locations on disk rather useless. What you are referring to, a way to drop an
application in a directory and make it work, is specific to Web apps and is perfectly
acceptable in Windows and Linux alike. A well-written Web application would rely on Linux
packaging model to keep a single code base that processes multiple sites, so that one could
update the code (application) without touching the data (all these sites). In Windows world,
application has nothing to rely on, the developer has to give you a way to centralize
updates, or not (making it your problem). With .NET Microsoft reversed the "use registry for
configuration" policy and recommends keeping it in files, making it a little more like any *NIX
in configuration aspect. But .NET still doesn't have any packaging functionality whatsoever,
and for security updates for any non-Microsoft applications you're still on your own.

What happens more often is that one does drop their applications into their home folder on a
provider's shared hosting box, and think that somehow they are not responsible for
maintaining it. Some developers are really good at facilitating this maintenace (example:
Gallery 2), others... Not so much. This is actually a good example for Linux packaging
approach, not against it.

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