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A trojan for Skype

A trojan for Skype

Posted Sep 4, 2009 12:49 UTC (Fri) by mcatkins (guest, #4270)
Parent article: A trojan for Skype

Has anyone tried Gizmo's SIP-to-Skype gateway? That claims to allow one to use a SIP Hard/Softphone (assuming it can be made it work :-( ) - and still talk to friends on Skype.

Of course,
1) this turns free calls into paid-for ones (Gizmo charge)
2) Doesn't help with the problems with Ekiga/sound/etc

But it does prove that a gateway is possible.

(Unfortunately the FreeSwitch (and Asterisk?) Skype integration works by talking to a local Skype client, so doesn't really help with the privacy issues.)


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A trojan for Skype

Posted Sep 4, 2009 20:12 UTC (Fri) by paravoid (subscriber, #32869) [Link]

Not the new, official (i.e. Digium) codec for Asterisk that was recently released:

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