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Posted Sep 3, 2009 16:51 UTC (Thu) by cry_regarder (subscriber, #50545)
In reply to: A trojan for Skype by rwmj
Parent article: A trojan for Skype

After trying (and finally succeeding on my end) in getting ekiga to work as far as a succesfull connection to the echo server (, I now understand why people are angry about pulse and other sound.

I have a bog common HDA intel audio. Q965 chipset. I had to go in to gst-mixer and enable the Microphone (it wanted to enable the Front microphone which I don't use 'cause it has a 60hz hum). Then I had to enable two recording device (Capture and Capture 1). I had to unmute the microphone on Capture which let pulse hear the mike. Then I had to unmute mike on Capture 1 which let non-pulse Alsa hear the mike. I had to disable the Mixer because otherwise the mike was linked to the speakers and instant echo ensued.

I also had to bump Fedora 11 to the 2.6.30 kernel in testing.

Finally everything was working. Then I couldn't get the distant end to be able to connect to from behind their NAT. And I've been working on and with linux since 1994 everyday since 1994 (I even have a freerunner as my daily phone).

I decided to try empathy instead. Not even close to being close to connecting. Tried gossip. Good luck! Linphone? Not a hope.

First time I've come close to crying since I had a double disk failure on my raid 5 last year. (which I fully recovered from with no data loss by the way thanks to Neil Brown and the others on the raid list).

Vent :-)


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Posted Sep 4, 2009 10:31 UTC (Fri) by rmano (guest, #49886) [Link]

Agreed. And moreover, Skype offer a cheap, with clearly published rates, service to call normal landphones all over the world. I'd like a viable open alternative, but I cannot find any.


Posted Sep 4, 2009 14:43 UTC (Fri) by foom (subscriber, #14868) [Link]

There's a *ton* of alternatives for landline call-out and call-in.

Personally I'm using service with a "hard" phone (e.g. not a computer-based phone)
connected to a Linksys PAP2. But there's certainly many many other choices.

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