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Third-party libraries

Third-party libraries

Posted Aug 27, 2009 21:33 UTC (Thu) by foom (subscriber, #14868)
In reply to: Third-party libraries by quotemstr
Parent article: In brief

The real userspace solution would be for programs to just close unknown file descriptors between fork and exec. But they don't, so O_CLOEXEC is a decent facility for defensive library programing.

Yes, this is what I've been saying -- see previous comment regarding "close_everything_but". The bug is in the code that calls fork/exec, not the code that opens a file descriptor!

Comments like this one just show how insane this whole thing is. The *bug* there is that libuuid doesn't close fds before execing a long-lived daemon! It should not be the responsibility of everyone to open all their fds with O_NOEXEC.

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