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Posted Aug 27, 2009 20:11 UTC (Thu) by kjp (subscriber, #39639)
In reply to: O_NOSTD by foom
Parent article: In brief

Finally a voice of reason.

O_NOSTD is a joke. WAAAAAAAAAAAH I don't want to call some syscalls in gnu coreutils cp. So yeah, lets add more flags to open and freaking *socket* while we're at it?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I don't want to close fds in my pre exec code so I need CLOEXEC added to Everything. Jeez, even a per process flag to say no inherit by default would be better than that crap.

God, Linux is turning into Windows crapware. Please Linus...axe this crap.

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Posted Sep 8, 2009 8:56 UTC (Tue) by jlokier (guest, #52227) [Link]

I proposed that per-process cloexec-by-default flag some years ago, and it was (rightly) shot down for breaking third party libraries that internally create descriptors, spawn child processes and _expect_ those processes to inherit those descriptors.

Personally I'd rather break those libraries than have descriptor leaks, security holes and more complicated APIs. After all what we're doing now pretty much requires all libraries to be changed anyway, only this way, it's silent breakage in the meantime.

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