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Translating software with Pootle

Translating software with Pootle

Posted Aug 18, 2009 20:18 UTC (Tue) by oak (guest, #2786)
Parent article: Translating software with Pootle

Does Pootle support also checking that Python print keywords
like "%(fieldname)s: %(fieldvalue)s" match in translation? (the advantage
of them compared to regular printf '%' stuff is that they can be in any
order in the translation which is more convenient than the printf '$'

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Translating software with Pootle

Posted Sep 16, 2009 16:10 UTC (Wed) by dwaynebailey (guest, #49311) [Link]

Pootle makes use of the Translate Toolkit to do variables and other validation. It wraps the functionality of pofilter

Here is an example where the fields are translated so they are broken:

# (pofilter) printf: checks whether printf format strings match
msgid "%(fieldname)s: %(fieldvalue)s"
msgstr "%(veldnaam)s: %(veldwaarde)s"

So yes it will pick those up as errors. You can change the order in this type of variable also. pofilter in fact has the ability to define a collection of variables types that pofilter will check. There are special categories for Mozilla, and others. These are then also available in Pootle.

Of course variables is just one of about 45 tests.

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