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Please fix basic window management

Please fix basic window management

Posted Aug 12, 2009 17:50 UTC (Wed) by spitzak (guest, #4593)
In reply to: Please fix basic window management by Los__D
Parent article: Mutter: a window manager for GNOME 3

I'm terribly sorry that the source code was too complicated for you to understand. It obviously went way over your head for you to make that response.

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Please fix basic window management

Posted Aug 12, 2009 18:42 UTC (Wed) by Los__D (guest, #15263) [Link]

Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I DID misunderstand, you are not talking about the user at all.

I'm still not sure that I agree, though. As far as I see it, it should be the window manager that dictactes how the application windows behaves on user interactions, not the application.

- But a window class/mode that behaves like that in relation to other windows from the _SAME_ application could be useful.

This opinion is of course completely destroyed by my love of Desktop apps like gDesklets (horribly implemented as they are), which never raise. But hey, I never claimed to be consistent.

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