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GNU + Linux = broken development model

GNU + Linux = broken development model

Posted Jul 30, 2009 20:10 UTC (Thu) by rvfh (subscriber, #31018)
In reply to: GNU + Linux = broken development model by mikov
Parent article: A tempest in a tty pot

I just wanted to say that, Linux-lover as I am, I agree with you mikov. It seems that people are a bit too eager to break interfaces (and even Linus complained about it, though it was about the /sys filesystem IIRC).

Breaking the API when it solves a problem is the Linux way, so improvements can be made, but one should strive not to do it if it can be avoided. And one would expect these changes to be kinda obvious and documented (a proper #warning can help a big deal), or even to a have an in-kernel tool (Coccinelle can do this AIUI) provided to update your code for you! Ok, I know, "easy, tiger."

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