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The no encyption caveat?

The no encyption caveat?

Posted Jul 30, 2009 11:24 UTC (Thu) by alex (subscriber, #1355)
Parent article: A desktop "secrets" API

Is that possible, surely on a multi-user system you don't want people listening to the dbus connection and sniffing your secrets? I assume this information is going across the session bus rather than the system bus but it presents a very tempting attack target.

I take the point that any client storing secrets that can't lock pages in RAM is also exploitable but how about some sort of defense in depth?

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The no encyption caveat?

Posted Jul 30, 2009 19:17 UTC (Thu) by rvfh (subscriber, #31018) [Link]

I think that it's called dbus by analogy with hardware buses, but it's probably just a bunch of shared memory, so there is in fact no bus to sniff, unless you have the right permissions (which I expect to be kinda -rw-------).

Correct me if I'm mistaken... which I might well be!

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