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A zero pointer is not a null pointer

A zero pointer is not a null pointer

Posted Jul 26, 2009 18:27 UTC (Sun) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: A zero pointer is not a null pointer by PaXTeam
Parent article: Fun with NULL pointers, part 1

Well, you can't access a structure at address zero on such a platform
without either disabling all optimizations that involve knowing which
pointers are null (as the kernel now is) and taking great care to ensure
that you never need anything that can point to said structure to be NULL
at any time, or defining the null pointer to be other than all-bits-zero
(allowed, but weird, about as rare as platforms with strange word sizes).

I'd say that trying to access structures at address zero, MMU or no MMU,
is extremely unusual and not really sane to handle in a general-purpose
compiler. (GCC goes further than I would expect in actually having a
switch that makes it possible to use such a barmy thing.)

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