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Google releases Neatx NX server

Google releases Neatx NX server

Posted Jul 26, 2009 9:28 UTC (Sun) by njs (guest, #40338)
In reply to: Google releases Neatx NX server by sbergman27
Parent article: Google releases Neatx NX server

When people complain about X and round trips, it's the serialization issue that they're talking about. No-one cares if there's *one* round trip between a user action and a visible response (or if they do, there's nothing that could be done about it anyway), it's the fact that you have to wait for one response before you can make the next request that turns round-trip latency into your bottleneck.

That's why relatively crude protocols like VNC can completely outclass X -- sure, now you're stuffing giant blocks of pixels down the network pipe and taking way more bandwidth, but those giant blocks of pixels have no dependencies -- so instead of waiting around all the time, you can just saturate the pipe. (rsync uses a similar strategy; see also pipelined SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, ...)

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