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Maemo moving to Qt

Maemo moving to Qt

Posted Jul 24, 2009 8:25 UTC (Fri) by amigadave (guest, #59782)
In reply to: Maemo moving to Qt by robert_s
Parent article: Maemo moving to Qt

"Similar to how you can get glade etc. to autogenerate code for you."

Glade 3 does not autogenerate code, but Glade 2 did (I do not know about Glade 1). Glade 3 will only generate an XML description of your user interface, which you can load with either libglade or GtkBuilder.

With regards to your other comments (and similar ones, in this thread), I think that when most people say "Qt is not C++" they intend to say "Qt without moc is not C++", which is valid -- one cannot compile the majority of Qt-using code without moc. The moc-generated code is nothing to be particularly worried about, except that some people do not like the dependence on a second preprocessor. It is also true that with some "clever" C++, nearly everything that moc accomplishes can be done without the use of macros or a second preprocessor.

I use both Gtkmm and Qt at work, and find that both have their advantages and disadvantages -- there is no clear winner. Currently, the support of Qt on Maemo is not that great, in my experience, so it will be interesting to see the new APIs that become available with the Harmattan release. I look forward to an improvement over the Hildon C APIs, but time will tell.

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